social coding, the network

social coding, the network

There are a lot of barriers to contributing to open source, and I don’t think finding projects to contribute to should be the first hurdle. More companies are starting with open source by default, and employees are choosing to work for open-source projects thanks to the trend towards remote work we saw in 2020. Now is a better time than ever to start contributing.

At OpenSauced, we are looking to break the barrier for making contributors in open source with our newest feature, Open Sauced Highlights, the latest phase of Social Coding.

Screenshot of a OpenSauced highlight from bdougie

Where an average contributor may contribute to one project during their career, we see an opportunity to highlight those contributions and share your experience with others. Whether you are just starting in open-source or the core maintainer of trpc/trpc, we would love to see your highlights.

→ 📖 The Return Social Coding
Read more on Social Coding on our blog.

Some good issues

→ 🎧 The open source platform for finding the best developers
Learn my origin story and how we plan to leverage OpenSauced to find the best developers using open source. Here is my conversation with the Unicorn Finders.

→ 🐦 YC invested in 75 open-source companies
In total, YC invested in 75 open-source companies. 23 of them (i.e. 30%) were added with the current batch.

→ 📖1000 Developers Choose Open Source
We celebrated our 1000th developer sign up this week. Our platform will commit to always serving developers first and we are honored so many are joining us for this journey.

Fresh out the oven

We have learned the best way for others to find contributions is by showing your contributions, which is why we are happy to share our newest addition to OpenSauced, the Highlights Feed feature. CEO sharing their highlight in the daily-api

So how do you stand out in today's job market?
The best engineers await to be discovered in the most overlooked projects and regions. By providing a place to highlight recently merged pull requests, OpenSauced users can provide the story on how they made that contribution.

Users looking to make contributions can also scroll through see examples of contributors contributing.

Check out the new highlights feed and make your highlights today!

We have plans to add reactions to the feed soon. These highlights will also enable us to offer repository recommendations pretty soon as well.

Watch the demo of me creating my first highlight below.

We would also love to feature your highlight in our next newsletter, so get to sharing!

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