Communication, Collaboration, & Community

Communication, Collaboration, & Community
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Every step of the open source process is an opportunity to communicate and build community. That includes posting to discussions, your Pull Request messages, and the interactions you have with others as you collaborate, discuss changes, and celebrate when PRs are merged. And this goes both ways: there's a public record of contributors communicating with maintainers and maintainers communicating with contributors.

At OpenSauced, we're working on ways to create more paths of communication, and to celebrate your experience as a contributor. With our latest features, Teams and Profile Social Cards, we're making progress.

Fresh out of the oven: Teams Feature

If you're on a team, you can now add team members to your insights page to source data and get insights on the same dashboard.

Open Source News

πŸš€ Vercel Ship May 1-5 | A special launch event

πŸ“† Open Source Summit May 10-12 | Vancouver, Canada - Open Source Summit is a conference umbrella, composed of a collection of events covering the most important technologies, topics, and issues affecting open source today.

✏️ Google Season of Docs May 10, 2023 Technical writer hiring deadline | Google Season of Docs provides support for open source projects to improve their documentation and gives professional technical writers an opportunity to gain experience in open source.

What's cooking in the community

Check out this content from our team and community!

β†’ πŸ“– How to Create a Good Pull Request Template (and Why You Should Add Gifs) Β A great Pull Request template improves collaboration between contributors and maintainers, but adding gifs is the cherry on top of the PR experience.

β†’ πŸ“– A Beginner's Guide to Prompt Engineering with GitHub Copilot
Top tips to help you get the most out of GitHub Copilot for Prompt Engineering.

β†’ πŸ“– Writing Your First Pull Request: Tips, Best Practices, and AI-Powered Tools for Success
If you're new to contributing to open source projects, submitting your first pull request can be intimidating. Check out these tips for successfully submitting your first pull request and making a great first impression as a contributor.

β†’πŸ“– Β How Vercel is Using GitHub Discussions to Build a Strong Next.js Community Using a GitHub discussions provides an opportunity to support and connect your open source community. Learn how the Next.js team is helping their community land jobs through discussions.

β†’ 🎧 Angular Creator Builds Another Framework | Misko Hevery | The Secret Sauce
Meet Misko Hevery, the brilliant mind behind Angular and QwikDev, and the current CTO at BuilderIO. Best known for creating Angular, Misko joins our host, Brian, in today's episode of The Secret Sauce to discuss all things related to frameworks.

β†’ 🐦 Who's Looking for Open Source Contributors?

Community Events

πŸ‘‹ Welcome our interns, Anush and Divyansh who will be working on our browser extension.

🎀 Join us for our Open Source Hour Twitter Space - May 3, 11a EDT

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