good first issues don't exist

good first issues don't exist

From my time at GitHub, I learned that the label“good first issue” was created in response to the popularity of the first-timers-only project. Thanks to folks like Scott Hanselman and Kent C. Dodds there is a pathway into open-source contributions that is approachable.

Unfortunately, the notion that you can browse GitHub and search your way to a contribution is invalid, and we have been preaching that sentiment for years. The past month we have been hosting Twitter Spaces on what is wrong with good first issues.  

These musings have been summarized on the OpenSauced blog.

good first issues don't exist

Some good issues

→ 🎧 The secret sauce is shared by the Vercel CEO
Within the first 5 mins, Guillermo shares how he found great engineer hires from the open-source community.

→ 🐦 A jobless dev shares what he accomplished this month
GitHub user, dev-phantom, recently made his first contribution to OpenSauced. Let's celebrate his wins this month by liking his tweet.

→ 📖 Google blew it with layoffs
It seems as if several members of Google’s Open Source Programs Office were let go.

the meme where you poor gas on broken git branches

Fresh out the oven

We have also been testing “Moneyball for Engineers” in the product pitches and demos. The concept of finding developers with the skills you need is not lost even in this current market. As Chad R. Stewart say, "Tech is Hiring." The challenge is finding who and where.

Companies who needed to compete with the like of FAANG need to compete on a salary level that was unsustainable.

So how do you stand out in today's job market?

The best engineers await to be discovered in the most overlooked projects and regions. I am happy to share our latest addition to the OpenSauced user profiles.

OpenSauced is now a platform to highlight engineers' work by validating them through their OSS contributions. Showcase your developer profile in front of open-source focused companies. Connect your GitHub to expand your resume with contributions to projects based on your interests.

see your developer profile

We have plans to add project recommendations, highlights, and more. Developers will also be able to opt-in to getting collaboration requests. So if you are a company looking to hire or a new maintainer looking for contributors, it will be all possible on OpenSauced. Reply to this newsletter if interested in a demo or early Figma mocks.

Well, this has been fun. Stay saucy and tell a friend about this newsletter.

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