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Open source software is about problem-solving. Open source projects have the potential to bring together diverse perspectives, fueling creativity and pushing boundaries. The nature of open source development creates room for more voices, different levels of expertise, and new understanding and growth. Whether we're finding ways to incorporate new technology, improve existing tech, or support each other, this collective effort creates an environment ripe for problem-solving in ways that can change the way we work together.

Fresh out of the oven

Chrome Extension: Write tests and refactor code in suggestions!

Now you can use our chrome extension to help with code reviews. You can use it to help refactor, explain, or write a test for your code. You just need to highlight the code you want reviewed using the +, select the OpenSauced icon, and select the option you want.

gif of how to use the chrome extension to help with code reviews

OpenGraph images for insight pages

We're here to help you share...with OpenGraph images for Insights pages live this week.

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ISO: Cooks in the Kitchen

As an open source company, we're always looking for contributors for our projects. In this issue, we want to highlight our docs repo. We'd love to have some help documenting our features, updating our existing docs, and making sure we're creating a good user experience through our documentation. Check out the existing issues, raise an issue, or start a discussion.

Open Source News

πŸ“† Confidential Computing Summit - Jun 29, 2023 | San Francisco, United States.
A Summit that brings together the premier technology providers, researchers, as well as existing or potential users to help organizations advance confidential computing.

πŸ“† Open Source Congress - Jul 27, 2023 | Geneva, Switzerland.
An invitational, Geneva-based Congress to explore how to address gaps identified in the Enabling Global Collaboration: How Open Source Leaders are Confronting the Challenges of Fragmentation, and create new opportunities to enhance ecosystem-wide collaboration on important topics.

🎀John Robb of React Flow on how we ask for money in open source -
John Robb discusses the importance of being transparent about your needs, setting realistic goals, and building relationships with potential donors. He also talks about the importance of being mindful of the different ways that people can contribute to open source projects, not just financially.

Slice of the Month

Our cool find of the Issue.

What's cooking in the community

Check out this content from our team and community!

β†’ πŸ“– How to Build a Markdown Editor in Two Minutes with GitHub Copilot
The article walks you through the steps on how to build a markdown editor in two minutes using GitHub Copilot and provides a code sample that you can use to build your own markdown editor.

β†’ πŸ“– Leveraging OpenSauced AI to Generate Compelling PR Descriptions
Using OpenSauced AI can save time, improve the quality of PR descriptions, and increase the chances of PRs being accepted. This post shares how.

β†’ πŸ“– How to Start an Open Source Project with VS Code
This step-by-step guide covers setting up your development environment, creating a new repository on GitHub, cloning it to your local machine, making commits, and pushing changes.

β†’ πŸ“½ Disney Uses Kubernetes | Taylor Dolezal | The Secret Sauce
This discussion revolves around the transformative impact of open source on technology and job prospects, with Taylor sharing personal insights drawn from his diverse programming language experience.

β†’ πŸ’¬ Who's looking for open source contributors? (week 46)

πŸŽ‰ Shoutout to @stephengade for their recent highlight πŸŽ‰

Highlight | OpenSauced
For some developers, they prefer using `yarn` to manage their packages but NextAuth missed that part and I fix the documentation.

Freshly Baked Events

πŸ“† OpenSauced Weekly Chat, Every Tuesday in Discord, 12p EDT. All things open source chat. Let us know what questions you have, what you're working on, and how we can support you!

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