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The health, longevity, and viability of open source projects depends on Community. Providing a welcoming and safe space for community members to engage, collaborate, and find each other, can lead to horizontal mentorship, growth, and organic growth. Together, community members can create a digital ecosystem that flourishes on the power of community and celebrates building together, one line of code at a time.

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Contributor List View

We have a new view to help you find and connect with other open source community members! This view allows users to see a list of all the contributors to an open source project, including the contributor's name, the number of repositories they're contributing to, contributions, and more. By making it easy for users to see who's contributing to a project, it can help to build trust and confidence and help to foster a more collaborative environment.

Open Source News

  • πŸ“† Open Source in Finance Forum - November 1, New York, NY.
    Open Source in Finance Forum is the only conference dedicated to driving collaboration and innovation in financial services through open source software and standards.
  • πŸ“† Open Core Summit - December 6-7, San Francisco, CA.
    The world’s largest gathering across the burgeoning COSS (commercial open-source software) community.
  • πŸ“° WireMock announces $6.5M seed Investment. As developers increasingly engage with numerous third-party APIs, the demand for a tool that effectively mocks these APIs for testing purposes has grown and WireMock has been there to fill the void. By simulating the behavior of APIs, mock APIs allow developers to test them in a safe sandbox environment, eliminating the need to interact with the actual API gateway. And now, WireMock has announced their seed investment.
  • πŸ“° Arm Joins OPI Project as Premier Member. Arm has joined the Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Project as a premier member, aiming to contribute its expertise in heterogeneous computing and collaborate with industry leaders to create solution blueprints and standards for next-generation data centers. The OPI Project, hosted by the Linux Foundation, focuses on establishing an open ecosystem for DPUs (Data Processing Units) to accelerate networking, security, and storage tasks while improving data center security and performance.

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Events + SynopsAI + Repos + Resources: your go-to source for the latest updates, insights, and resources across a diverse range of subjects.

β†’ πŸ“– Open Source in Science Fiction Series Science fiction and open source mutually influence and shape each other, creating connections and inspiring innovation. This three-part series explores the way this happens.

β†’ πŸ“– Personalized Social Images: Enhancing User Profiles with Opengraph This blog post provides a guide on how to use Opengraph to create personalized social images for user profiles. By following the steps outlined in the blog post, developers can create personalized social images that will help to increase CTR, improve brand awareness, and increase engagement.

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My pull request to enhance the functionality of the Data Collection Project Web application by integrating an Express API backend, has been successfully merged!

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πŸ“† OpenSauced Weekly Chat, Every Tuesday in Discord, 12p EDT. All things open source chat. Let us know what questions you have, what you're working on, and how we can support you!

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