The Opportunities Created by Open Source

Open source continues to be a realm of opportunities that shapes the world of technology and innovation. By embracing open source, individuals and organizations gain access to a vast landscape of collaborative development, where ideas are shared, refined, and brought to life.

The Opportunities Created by Open Source
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Open source continues to be a realm of opportunities that shapes the world of technology and innovation. By embracing open source, individuals and organizations gain access to a vast landscape of collaborative development, where ideas are shared, refined, and brought to life. As we leverage existing code, build upon it, and contribute back to the community, we create a cycle of continuous improvement. The opportunities created by open source are always growing, from enhancing software capabilities to driving social change, fostering entrepreneurship, and pushing the boundaries of technological advancements. It is a catalyst for innovation, empowering individuals and organizations to collaborate, create, and shape the future together, and the more we understand it's power, the more we can leverage it as contributors and organizations.

Fresh out of the oven

Pizza Oven: Source git commits and turn them into insights

The pizza project helps open source maintainers get insights into their projects. It does this by sourcing git commits and turning them into data that can be used to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make better decisions about how to make the project more successful. This project still in development; if you are interested in contributing to the project, we welcome your feedback. You can open an issue or hit us up in Discord.

Chrome Extension: Add Repo to LinkedIn Projects!

Now you can use our chrome extension to quickly add a repository to your LinkedIn projects! Adding a repository to your LinkedIn projects section enhances your professional profile, showcases your technical skills, and increases your visibility to potential employers, collaborators, and recruiters.

Open Source News

πŸ“† Open Source in Finance Forum - Nov 1, 2023 | New York, United States.
Open Source in Finance Forum is the only conference dedicated to driving collaboration and innovation in financial services through open source software and standards.

πŸ“† Open Core Summit - December 6-7 | San Francisco, CA
Open Core Summit (OCS) is the world’s first and largest ecosystem gathering across the burgeoning COSS (commercial open-source software) category leveraging the power of an open-source core model to construct and build differentiated, capital efficient, positive-sum ecosystems of the future!

πŸ“– Nvidia Uses OpenStack Swift Storage as Part of Its AI/ML Process
Nvidia has announced that it is using OpenStack Swift storage as part of its AI/ML process. This will allow Nvidia to scale its AI/ML workloads more easily and efficiently.

πŸ“– ORCA: Using Semiotics to Improve the Design Process
ORCA is a project that uses semiotics, the study of signs and symbols, to improve the design process. ORCA members believe that semiotics can help designers to better understand the needs of users, to create more meaningful and effective designs, and to communicate their ideas more effectively. By bringing together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines, ORCA is helping to develop new ways of using semiotics to improve the design process.

πŸ‘€ Grace Hopper is looking for Open Source Mentors
Many GHC 23 OSD attendees will be contributing to open-source projects for the first time. To support them and ensure their experience is positive and fun, we are looking for mentors that will walk the attendees through finding a project and an issue, explain the contribution requirements of the project, work on a solution, and then go through the code review process to close the issue.

Slice of the Pie

Our cool find of the issue.

GitHub - AdmTal/chat-gpt-games: Prompts for playable games in ChatGPT
Prompts for playable games in ChatGPT. Contribute to AdmTal/chat-gpt-games development by creating an account on GitHub.

What's cooking in the community

Check out this content from our team and community!

β†’ πŸ“– How to start your open source journey? "Starting your open source journey can be exciting and fulfilling. You can make a positive impact by understanding the value of motivation, seeking healthy communities, finding the right project, and remembering key principles as a contributor. Embrace passion, community, and selflessness as motivations."

β†’ πŸ“– Highlight Your Open Source Contributions "Having a portfolio of work to lean on is critical in this job market. The challenge folks face is highlighting their work on projects showcasing their ability to work successfully within organizations. I share practical ways to showcase your skills and open-source contributions in this post."

β†’ πŸ“– Open Source 101: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started "Learn the fundamentals of open source development, from choosing projects to making contributions, in this comprehensive beginner's guide. "

β†’ πŸ“½ Building Apps and Learning from Failure | Eric Simons | The Secret Sauce
Dive into this podcast episode with us and meet Eric Simons, the brain behind StackBlitz, the web-based IDE that's flipping the script on coding.

β†’ πŸ’¬ Who's looking for open source contributors? (week 48)

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Freshly Baked Events

πŸ“† OpenSauced Weekly Chat, Every Tuesday in Discord, 12p EDT. All things open source chat. Let us know what questions you have, what you're working on, and how we can support you!

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