Day 100 | #100DaysOfOSS

Day 100 | #100DaysOfOSS

At the end of July, we started the #100DaysOfOSS campaign to encourage contributors to explore open source, learn how to make meaningful contributions and gain real-world experience. Congratulations to everyone ending their 100 days today!

What's Next?

Share your experience!

Thank you for your participation in the very first #100DaysOfOSS. We'd love to be able to share your story in order to inspire more contributors to start their own #100DaysOfOSS journey. You can help us share your experience by filling answering any of the questions in this form.

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Recent Highlights from #100DaysOfOSS

Your Open Source Journey Continues Today

Congratulations on finishing #100DaysOfOSS, and shoutout to all those who are continuing or starting today. Every day is part of the journey. Open source doesn't stop and it's always there for you to contribute. We can't wait to see your highlights as you continue to grow in your open source journey.

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