You Don't Need a Mentor

You Don't Need a Mentor

Forget about needing a mentor. What you really need is a community. It's like having a bunch of friends and collaborators to lean on. A supportive community gives you guidance, answers your questions, and offers constructive feedback. One mentor will never have the diverse perspectives you'll gain from a community- there's a collective wisdom. Seeing a community of people as your mentor will empower you to be more successful than limiting your options for opportunities. A community of people can answer your questions about open source. A community of people can cheer you on with your first or second or one-thousandth PR. A community can be a discord, it can be a group participating in a challenge together, it can be a group on social media. If you're looking for a mentor, think about how you can get the most out of being a part of a community, mentoring each other together.

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Open Source News

πŸ“† All Things Open | Β Raleigh, NC USA - October 15-17
A technology conference focusing on the tools, processes, and people making open source possible.

πŸ“† Open Source Summit| Bilboa, Spail + Virtual - September 19-21, 2023
Open Source Summit is the premier event for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to collaborate, share information, solve problems, and gain knowledge, furthering open source innovation and ensuring a sustainable open source ecosystem.

πŸ“° Β  Meta will be open sourcing Llama 2 with Microsoft. Microsoft and Meta have announced a new partnership to bring the Llama 2 family of large language models to Azure and Windows. Llama 2 is a generative AI model that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as generating text, translating languages, and writing different kinds of creative content.

Slice of the Pie

Our find of the issue.
Have you ever wondered how to write effective image descriptions? This posts gives helpful tips on how to make accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.

Platform Image Accessibility
How different social media platforms and content management systems handle image accessibility.

What's cooking in the community

Check out this content from our team and community!

β†’ πŸ“– Practical advice for finding GitHub issues to work on. @bdougie approaches this with a new lens and focuses on practical advice to make your next meaningful contribution to open source. Though prevalent advice, never look for good first issues first. Instead, connect with people.

β†’ πŸ“– πŸ† Top 5 full-stack JS frameworks in 2023 - which one should you pick for your next project? πŸ€” ."In this post, we'll explore five of the top full-stack JavaScript frameworks of 2023 that every developer should consider for their next project - RedwoodJS, Wasp, T3 stack, MeteorJS, and the evergreen MERN Stack."

β†’ πŸ“– Setting Goals for Your Open Source Contributions. Discover the power of setting goals for your open-source software journey with the #100DaysOfOSS challenge!

β†’ πŸ”€ ABCs of OSS. Join our #100DaysOfOSS blog series as we explore the world of Open Source Software (OSS) from A to Z! Every week, we'll discuss two new letters of the English alphabet. Share your thoughts, ideas, and favorite OSS projects for each letter.

β†’ πŸ“½ Learning to Earning: #100Devs Is Changing Lives. Join Leon Noel and Brian Douglas as they dive into the world of coding boot camps and the challenges faced by individuals who cannot afford them. You'll hear personal experiences and insights from industry experts on the impact of boot camps, the need for economic opportunities for underrepresented communities, and the role of mentorship in education.

β†’ πŸ“½ Use GitHub Copilot to Generate a Markdown Editor in Seconds! #Shorts

πŸŽ‰ Shoutout to NsdHSO for their PR to add a Create Issue Button!

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Community Events

πŸ“† OpenSauced Weekly Chat, Every Tuesday in Discord, 12p EDT. All things open source chat. Let us know what questions you have, what you're working on, and how we can support you!

🎀 Open Source Hour, Twitter Space with Brian Douglas. We're talking all about open source + answering your questions and giving you a chance to grab the mic! August 1 | 10:30a ET


We had a very successful first week of #100DaysOfOSS!

Recap: With this challenge, we hope to help contributors enhance their skills, expand their abilities, and gain practical experience over 100 days, as well as support maintainers, onboard more contributors into open source, and expand the OSS community.

β†’ Β Full challenge documentation
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