The Beauty of Open Source

The Beauty of Open Source

Beauty might not be the first word that comes to your mind when you think of open source, but there's beauty everywhere in open source. There's beauty in the designs, in the collaboration, in the relationships are formed when we work together. There's beauty in the software that comes together. Beauty happens because it cultivates a sense of belonging and collective achievement, transcending geographical and organizational boundaries. I want to challenge you to think differently about open source and consider the ways that it allows for a more beautiful world.

Fresh out of the oven

Dev Cards

We've launched Dev Cards! Dev cards are both a link to your profile and a digital resume, showing off significant projects and accomplishments. These cards provide a tangible record of your contributions, creating a dynamic, personalized portfolio that lets you share your successes with the world. You can get yours now on your profile.

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Collaborations are an important part of open source, and we're creating a bridge for that communication. All paid users have access to this feature, including anyone who has signed up for our #100DaysOfOSS challenge.

Open Source News

📆 Rust Global - September 6, Bellevue | WA, USA.
Rust Global is an opportunity for technology decision-makers, business leaders, and Rust advocates to connect with, learn from, and inspire one another.

📆 GraphQL Conference September 19-21 | San Francisco Bay Area, CA
GraphQLConf brings together the creators of some of the most important technologies behind GraphQL. These speakers will share their experience, insights and knowledge as they discuss the challenges facing the growing GraphQL ecosystem.

📰 Humans unable to detect over a quarter of deepfake speech samples
"New research has found that humans were only able to detect artificially generated speech 73% of the time, with the same accuracy in both English and Mandarin."

Slice of the Pie

Our cool find of the issue.

I'm sure many of us have felt like we've been drowning in notifications at some point. If GitHub notifications are on that overwhelming list, check out this way to make it more manageable.

What's cooking in the community

Check out this content from our team and community!

📖 How to Communicate Better in Open Source "As we know, open source encourages open collaboration among contributors and maintainers. And collaboration requires good communication. I want to share how to communicate remotely in this article, especially in open source."

📖 Caching Git Repos: A Deep Dive into OpenSauced’s ‘Pizza Oven’ Service "Over the last few weeks, the OpenSauced engineering team has been building a service we're calling the “pizza oven.” This service indexes commits within bespoke git repositories and can be used to generate insights based on those commits. This all gives us the ability to create interesting metrics around open source project velocity, “time to merge”, the who’s who of contributors, and more; all by indexing and parsing the git commits!"

📖 You Don’t Need a Mentor: Embracing the Power of Community "Discover the power of community mentorship in tech. Embrace diverse perspectives, accessible knowledge, and a supportive network."

📖 How Open Source helped me get into the GitHub Octernships program "After getting selected for the program, I have a firm belief that anyone with the same interests as me can get selected too, and I wish to share my experience with you so you can be the next GitHub Octern!"

📽 Open Source Intimidating?



📆 OpenSauced Weekly Chat, Every Tuesday in Discord, 12p EDT. All things open source chat. Let us know what questions you have, what you're working on, and how we can support you!

🎤 Open Source Hour, Twitter Space with BekahHW talking all things open source, answering your questions, and giving you a chance to grab the mic!

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Recap: With this challenge, we hope to help contributors enhance their skills, expand their abilities, and gain practical experience over 100 days, as well as support maintainers, onboard more contributors into open source, and expand the OSS community.
→  Full challenge documentation

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