Thank you for your Support!

Thank you for your Support!

Last week was our first Lunch Week at OpenSauced, and because of your support, it was a huge success! We featured five announcements about all we've been working on. Here's a highlight reel from last week.

StarSearch finished 3rd on Product Hunt!

We saw incredible support for our brand new feature, StarSearch. StarSearch leverages advanced analytics and AI, all fueled by real-time data from GitHub Events. StarSearch isn’t just about identifying who committed what; it’s about understanding the dynamics and interactions within the open source community. It's now available to all OpenSauced users, so you can check it out now!

StarSearch in Action

Repository Pages

Our newly enhanced Repositoy Pages offer more ways to get open source insights on projects. Key features include data on:

✅ Issues and Pull Requests for tracking resolution trends and dynamics.
⭐ Stars and Forks to evaluate popularity growth.
📈 Contributor activity and Lottery Factor to identify project risk due to dependency on top contributors.

Workspaces 1.5

With Workspaces, you've always had the ability to look at data from repositories from different organizations in one place. We've added even more capabilities with our PR and Issue Tables, including advanced filtering options. Now you can sort and view pull requests and issues across all repositories in a workspace by specific repositories, timelines, or status updates.

With these new tables, you can:

  • Triage issues quickly
  • Identify trends in projects
  • Understand potential bottlenecks
  • Prioritize high-impact tasks

This feature is designed to improve the workflow management and enhance team collaboration. Check out our docs.

Becoming a Maintainer Course Launch

Our comprehensive course supports new open source maintainers with essential skills and knowledge, including:

🆕 Setting up, managing projects, and using tooling to boost productivity
💹 Handling issues and pull requests, leveraging metrics to help make decisions
🗣️ Communicating effectively with contributors and building a strong open source community
💻 Maintaining high standards of code quality and documentation.

The course is live and free now! Check out to get started.

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