🍽️ Lunch Time is Launch Time.

🍽️ Lunch Time is Launch Time.

Join us everyday this week to see what we've been cookin' up.

Welcome to Lunch Week at OpenSauced, where every day at lunchtime, we’ll be serving up new and exciting features to power-up your open source experience 🍕Just like a great meal, we believe in serving up our best features at the perfect time: Lunch.

You can follow all of our announcements on our Lunch Week landing page and on social media!

Today's Special: Introducing the Becoming a Maintainer Course!

Let's dive into Lunch Week with a dish designed to enrich your open source skills—the "Becoming a Maintainer" course as part of our Open Source Education Path is now on the menu!

Becoming an Open Source Maintainer

Access the Course Now!

🔜 Sneak Peek: StarSearch on Product Hunt 🚀

On Thursday, we'll be live on Product Hunt with StarSearch—your AI-powered assistant for navigating git history and uncovering valuable insights about open source projects. It's like having a personal guide to the open source universe, making it easier than ever to understand and optimize your contributions.

📑 Check out our documentation.
💫 Try it now.

Let's do Lunch!

We're not just dropping new features, we're sharing more about what went into creating these features, and sharing how you can use them. Mark Your Calendars for Our Full Lineup of Events.

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Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Let's Connect

We'd love to hear your thoughts on StarSearch and all our features. Join us on Discord or tag us on socials to share your feedback, ask questions, and join the conversation with #LunchWeek.

P.S. Don’t forget to visit our Product Hunt page, share it with your friends, and give us a comment on StarSearch! Your support means the world to us. 🌍

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