Moneyball for Engineers

Moneyball for Engineers

A social post that went viral recently stated that if you are junior and not contributing to your green squares, you have no chance of getting a job. The tweet forced many developers with jobs to respond, but they need to respond to how hard it is to get a job today as a junior or laid-off mid-level developer.

Right now, green squares represent someone's work in open source. Squares are not a representation of a developer's resume, and to further make the point, it is also confirmed by the defunkt co-creator of the contribution graph himself. Read more of bdougie's article...

Fresh out of the Oven

Pizza CLI

Our pizza CLI is freshly baked! If you want insights into open source repositories, you can run it straight from your terminal. The pizza CLI Is a command line utility for insights, metrics, and all things OpenSauced.

Maintainer Labels

Are you interested in connecting with other maintainers? Our profiles designate maintainer status.

Open Source News

Meta Platforms reportedly building open-source generative AI system to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT - SiliconANGLE
Meta Platforms reportedly building open-source generative AI system to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT - SiliconANGLE
Open Source Needs Maintainers. But How Can They Get Paid?
The world runs on code maintained largely by an army of unpaid hobbyists. It’s not sustainable. Who’s trying to change that?
Meet Open Interpreter: An Open-Source Locally Running Implementation of OpenAI’s Code Interpreter
In the ever-evolving realm of programming and software development, the demand for efficient, flexible, and accessible tools has never been higher. Developers seek solutions that empower them to work seamlessly within their local development environments, unconstrained by limitations imposed by host…

🔥 The Spicy Sauce

Remove TypeScript by afcapel · Pull Request #971 · hotwired/turbo

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” - Carly Fiorina, former CEO and chair of Hewlett-Packard Company

Slice of the Pie

Our cool find of the issue.

What's cooking in the community

Check out this content from our team and community!

📖 How To Make a Delicious Contributing Guide by @CBID2. Picture this. You’re looking at the recipe for a pizza and the directions are missing specific measurements, and key ingredients, leaving your kitchen a mess and you starved, and confused. This is pretty much the same experience that occurs when people struggle with making an effective contribution to a project. No clear directions equals a digital disaster. This is where a well-crafted contributing guide comes in.

📖 Moving from Typescript and Langchain to Rust and Loops by Anush Embarking on your open-source journey can be like exploring uncharted territory. Picture this: you're a newcomer, eager to contribute but struggling to find your way around the codebase.

📖 #100DaysOfOSS Recap: Day 28-50 by Ayu
This challenge focuses on growth. So it's about more than just contributing code. You can learn about open source by reading or watching tutorials, engaging in the community by sharing information and knowledge, or any other ways you find comfortable and doable.

📽 AI Engineering: Data Unleashed 📽



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