A Year in Review: OSS 2023

A Year in Review: OSS 2023

This has been an exciting year both for OpenSauced and Open Source in general. We've seen a lot of movement, growth, and changes that will impact the broader tech community for years to come. In this final newsletter of the year, we're going to highlight some of the great projects and moments in open source from the last year.

Top Repositories

We took a look at some of the top repositories from around open source-you can check out the full list here-in topic areas like AI, ML, JavaScript, Python, Svelte, CSharp, and more. Across the repositories, we've seen a high rate of engagement, although there are a large number of contributions that haven't been merged. Many of the repositories have had substantial enhancements and overhauls with an average pull request velocity of around 50%. Unsurprisingly, we also saw a huge increase in new projects using the AI topic.

Maintainer Chats

Since July, we've had over 2o X/Twitter Chats with Maintainers about topics ranging from getting your first contribution to the challenges and impacts of AI on open source and more.

Our guests contributed to quite a few open source repositories, with the top contributions going to nuxt, typescript-eslint, and open-sauced/app. You can check out the full list here.

Most Stars

freeCodeCamp continues to have the most number of stars, with a steady flow of both new and repeat contributors.

Highlighting Contributors

We've seen a lot of great work happening from contributors, from PRs to writing good issues, and creating content about open source to help inspire and educate others. We've also seen quite a few contributors make their first PRs and contributing more after that!


We worked hard at OpenSauced this year, adding new contributors, teammates, content, and shipping features.


We shipped a lot this year, so rather than trying to list all the features, here's the highlight reel:

  1. Integration with GitHub API for Enhanced User Search and Insights: By using the GitHub API for user search and syncing with GitHub Org Repositories, we've streamlined the way you can interact with GitHub data.
  2. UI/UX Enhancements: We added a new highlight popup, improved UX for non-connected users, added hovercards on contributor pages, and added for ways for you to understand the data we're sharing about the projects you love.
  3. Insight and Analysis Tools: We added some great new graphs (with information like most used languages, contributions by type, top repository contributors, PR velocity, etc.) and added a repositories table to provide easily digestible data visualizations that help you to understand contributor and repository activity.
  4. Collaboration and Community Building: The GitHub team import, lists, sharing feature, and multi-select components allow for a more collaborative experience for your team and encourages conversation and engagement.
  5. User Profile and Settings Enhancements: New fields (like LinkedIn, GitHub sponsors, personal site) and user settings like timezone filters and interests allow us to personalize the OpenSauced experience for you by recommending projects and people you might be interested in.

We hope you've had a great 2023! If you have feedback for OpenSauced, we'd love to hear it. Just leave us a message in our discussions.

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