Why Does Angular Need a Meta Framework?

In this episode, Brandon Roberts, creator of AnalogJS and Engineering Lead at OpenSauced, talks about his work on Analog, a meta framework for Angular. He explains the concept of a meta framework as something that stitches pieces together on top of an existing framework like Angular. He also shares his journey to OpenSauced and how he aims to take Angular to the next level with AnalogJS.

πŸ”₯ Episode Highlights

  • AnalogJS: Discover the "Next.js for Angular" that's taking the community by storm.
  • Meta Frameworks Explained: Learn why even frameworks like Angular can benefit from a meta layer.
  • NASA to Open Source: Hear Brandon's journey from building apps for rocket science to creating news tools and meta frameworks.
  • Angular's Evolution: Get insider insights on Angular's past, present, and exciting future.

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